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Dangers of Non-Organic Tea

The Toxic Nature of Conventionally Grown Tea



1.  The Toxic Nature of Conventionally Grown Tea 

These websites will provide you with information about the dangerous chemicals in common tea brands. The tea, which we all find in supermarkets and shops generally is grown with chemical pesticides and herbicides, many of which are carcinogenic. You might prefer to stop drinking that kind of tea after reading the articles. (Click on the articles.)

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f.  Banned Pesticides Found in Popular Chinese Tea Brands

2.  Why Organic Tea is Safer to Drink 

Unlike chemically grown tea organic tea is grown using natural nutrients and minerals, which are provided by compost, manure, mulches, and foliar nutrient sprays. If insects cause a problem, then non-chemical methods are used to control the pests. Mulches are used to prevent weeds growing instead of herbicides, which are harmful to the soil and to human health.

Organic farming methods ensure that the growing cycle does not harm the environment. Natural fertilisers, such as compost, are added to the soil regularly to replace the soil nutrients used up during the growing cycle.

In addition, organic growing practices enhance biodiversity and prevent soil erosion. The result is a healthy environment in which to grow tea that is high quality, nutritious, and safe to drink.

Because of the way organic tea is grown, the resulting taste, nutritional content, and health-boosting attributes of organic tea are superior to those of chemically grown tea.

Organic certification ensures that the tea you drink conforms with principles of safe food production, best land-use practices, and environmental protection. Certified organic facilities must meet stringent conditions to gain accreditation and be periodically monitored by third parties to keep the certification valid.

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