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Origin of the Business

Our love for organic tea, coffee, and cocoa grew from years of helping chemical farmers in African countries to replace their use of harmful chemical fertilisers and toxic (sometimes also carcinogenic) pesticides and herbicides with two 100% organic, liquid, microbial bio-fertilisers called Bio-Plant and Pro-Plant. 


 A Farmer Spraying Tea Bushes with Pesticides. People Should Think Twice Before Buying Conventionally and Chemically Grown Tea, Coffee, or Cocoa.

Buying Organic Tea, Coffee, or Cocoa Reduces Poverty

We have seen the impoverishing effects of chemical farming on farmers and their communities. We have also seen how 100% organic farming turned their lives around. Sometimes this entails being able to eat more than one meal per day; to pay their children’s school fees; to improve their home; to improve their family’s health and wellbeing; and to being able to call a child back from trying to sell water or flower garlands in 33+ degrees Celsius at traffic lights in a city.  When you buy organic tea, coffee, or cocoa, you are changing someone’s life or the wellbeing of a community for the better. Changing people’s lives is our motivation.

Our Mission and Motivation

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